About Us

We strive to be the biggest digital media in Myanmar that locals go to get informed, entertained and connected. While we have access to wealth of international and local experiences from over 9,000 employees worldwide, we still adopt the innovation obsessed culture and structure of a tech company while at the same time where we will be able to connect deeply with our audience through locally-curated contents and videos worth sharing with their friends, family and people who matter in their lives.

Our news and entertainment teams serve millennial of highly engaged generation in Myanmar who will be only consuming more video and content across platforms, on mobile with our experienced engineering team focused on giving the optimum user experience for readers.

While our content and videos connect with people on a large scale, our events team who has been responsible behind Yangon's top hit events such as Spectrum Nightlife series, Duwun Talk, Urban Talent has played a significant role in connecting people to each other.