You can earn 1 point on every MMK1,000 spent........

A local food delivery startup YangonD2D has added a range of services which look like a move towards more general e-commerce business.

Additional to traditional food delivery, now it is possible to order grocery type items in mass including books through some of the restaurants that are already listed in YangonD2D.

Currently, it offers yogurts, coffee beans and some books.

It seems that YangonD2D is evolving its business into more of an e-commerce/logistic solution especially with the addition of books.

Also it added a loyalty point system where you earn points on the amount of spending.

You can earn 1 point on every MMK1,000 spent and upon accumulation of 200 points you get a MMK5,000 credit which you can spend it on an order.

The other significant addition is the addition of Burger King into the list of restaurants.

It may look trivial matter but Burger King is only available in Yangon International Airport area which is not accessible unless you are an international traveler.

Through YangonD2D, Burger King is available to selective townships in Yangon including Insein, Mayangone and South Okkalapa which are in close proximity to the airport.

It offers standard menu items such as Whopper, Cheese Burger, Crossan’wich, etc

YangonD2D was founded in 2013 by Shady Ramadan. It is backed by BOD Tech, a Yangon based investment company with a focus on online businesses.

Currently, the food delivery company delivered over 55,000 orders last year according to a company announcement.


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