As a result, the four web services:,, and will stop operating on 1 April.

Rocket Internet is retreating from Myanmar closing its services and operations under Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG) operating since 2012.

The move is to refocus its energy in other South East Asia region including Singapore and Indonesia, a communication manager of told Duwun.

As a result, the four web services:,, and will stop operating on 1 April.

However, is not included in the closure as it is not part of APACIG anymore, the spokesperson clarified.

It means that people who log onto the websites will see a thank you note informing the service has ceased.

Respective Facebook pages will also be unpublished according to the communication manger from


Future of current employees

Rocket also have a career transition plan in place for current employee securing jobs in other companies

“There are some expats and local employees working at our company. Following the operation closure, some had decided to take a break and some decided to look for other jobs. We helped securing jobs in other companies for those who are seeking employment continuity ” said the Communication Manager of

Some would even start a new job the next day after the Rocket shutdowns mostly in telecom sector.


Compensation for current customers

The plan to cease the web operations on 1 April also means some of the subscription sold to existing customer will not be fullfiled.

However the company has already reached out to customers explaining the situation and negotiations are already in place.

Previous closures

Rocket aggressively launches array of services in Myanmar including,,,, and

Javago a hotel and booking classified had shut down October last year and Kaymu merged with Shop.


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